As the “official music spokesman” of Austin, Texas, Dale Watson has been a part of the Lone Star State’s music scene for decades. Now, Texas’ funniest outlaw will release a live album, and you can guarantee it’s going to be hilarious.

In August, Watson will release Live at the Big T Roadhouse, Chicken S#!+ Bingo Sunday on his own Red House/Ameripolitan Records. The album was recorded during the infamous bingo games at Watson’s Big T Roadhouse in Hedwig, Texas, and will feature a cover of Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses,” a version of Merle Haggard’s “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down” and “I Lie When I Drink (and I Drink a Lot),” Watson’s “unofficial theme song.”

For the uninitiated, the album’s name is derived from "chicken s#!+ bingo," a bar game that involves a hen standing over a plywood board marked with numbered squares while drunken revelers bet on where it will poop. "This is 'a Day in the Life' of anyone who has ever gone to one of my Sunday shows," Watson said in a statement. "I hope you show up to a Chicken $#!+ Bingo show someday. You will go away with a warm feeling of why Texas is so great and why Ameripolitan Music is here to stay. In one word, it’s real."

Watson coined the “Ameripolitan” sound in response to mass-market Nashville pop country, and even hosts his own awards show every year to celebrate classic honky-tonk music. Last year, Watson released his 29th studio album, Call Me Insane, which was his second effort to hit the Billboard country charts. Later, Watson performed on an episode of The Bachelorette, continuing on the bizarre road that has been his career.

Look for Live at the Big T Roadhouse, Chicken S#!+ Bingo Sunday to land Aug. 19.