Illinois native Dakota Danielle adds a little rock to her country in her new song "Backroads." Premiering exclusively on The Boot, the track is made for cranking up and cruising.

"This song brings back the fun memories of cruising around on backroads," Danielle tells The Boot. She co-wrote the blues-tinged song with Leah Crose and Katie Ray, two of her friends, combining their experiences of having "nothin' to do in this nowhere town" into the lyrics. Cole Capperrune produced it.

"Rev it up past the county line / Makin' our way to the countryside / With mud on your tires, you never know / The trouble you can get in on those backroads," Danielle sings in the chorus, proving that it's not only the guys who can sing about the fun of life in the sticks. "Well, if we get lost out in B.F.E. / Yeah, that's right where we wanna be / Throwin' down the beers, rackin' up the miles on them / Backroads while gettin' buckwild."

"I really wanted to write a country song that people could crank up in their vehicle," Danielle adds. "I’m sure we all can remember a time when we were driving on some backroads. Now you just have another song to add to your cruisin’ playlist!"

"Backroads" is a standalone single from Danielle, due out widely on Jan. 29.

Danielle, a 28-year-old from Teutopolis, Ill., found early musical inspiration in her family: She began playing her mother's old guitar as a high school junior and later wrote her first song about her aunt's death. Danielle's mother's death inspired additional songs, released on her My Mother's Daughter EP.

“I live by the idea that when words fall apart, music speaks," Danielle shares. "It has become the air I breathe.”

Danielle holds a Commercial Songwriting degree from Middle Tennessee State University. She released her debut single, "One Church," in 2018.

Listen to Dakota Danielle's "Backroads":

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