Nothing soothes the soul like a train song. Dailey & Vincent offer this tale of a "Steel Drivin' Man" with an upbeat account of his hard-luck life as the lead single from their sixth studio album. Brothers of the Highway is due out in May and, according to the group's namesakes, includes more vivacious and inspiring tunes.

"I wrote 'Steel Drivin' Man' specifically for this new record," Jamie Dailey tells The Boot. "It is uptempo, fun, and it embodies a lot of the energy and drive that we bring to our stage performance! I love music that moves me ... this song moves me!"

"We chose 'Steel Drivin' Man" as the lead single, because we felt that it defined the powerful overall dynamic and integrity of this body of music," adds Darrin Vincent. "It sets the tone for Brothers of the Highway. "

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Listen to 'Steel Drivin' Man'