Welcome back, Richie! Today (Aug. 7), the newly reunited Lonestar releases its first single since lead singer Richie McDonald's return to the group after a five year hiatus to concentrate on his solo career. Listen to their uptempo tune, "The Countdown" below.

"Twenty years ago, when I put this little band together to play in some bars and make a little money, I dreamed it pretty good but I never dreamed it quite this good," keyboard player Dean Sams says.

Listen to "The Countdown"

"I'm so excited to think about the songs that are going to come out of the next chapter of Lonestar," adds drummer Keech Rainwater. "And I'm looking forward to another

20 years of great music."

In further celebration of making music for two decades, the foursome will release a new album this fall on their own imprint, 4 Star Records. The new project will come roughly a year after Richie's return to the group.

"Five years has come and gone since I left Lonestar," Richie said. "We've all tried other avenues and the fact remains that some things were just meant to be. With the Lonestar 20-year reunion approaching, Dean, Michael [Britt], Keech and I got together and have decided we have some unfinished business to take care of. I miss those crazy nights running around on stage making music with my band of brothers. Looking forward to a new chapter in the book of Lonestar and reliving some old memories and also making some new ones for the fans that have been loyal to us through thick and thin."

The Lonestar gentlemen are currently on the road. Their next stop is Thursday (Aug. 9) in Bend, Ore. Get details here.

Watch Lonestar Perform in Our Studio

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