She came in second place on last season's 'American Idol' finale, but rocker Crystal Bowersox says she's still a winner. The runner-up recently moved from the west coast to Nashville, looking for a new musical home.

"I hope that country music embraces me, because I grew up on it and have a love for the music," she tells CMT.

The 25-year old, who earned millions of fans belting out country tunes such as 'Me and Bobby McGee' and 'No One Needs to Know' from the 'Idol' stage, says her goals always included landing in the country music capital. "I knew I'd get here eventually," she says. "I was going to save up money and come down here, but like everybody is right now -- struggling and just scraping by -- I never had enough money to make it happen."

Now happily entrenched in the Music City scene, the Ohio native is already making plenty of musical friends, including the guys in Rascal Flatts, whom she describes as "the most gracious guys I've ever met."

But while Crystal, who lists Sugarland and the Band Perry among her favorite artists, is busy writing with several established tunesmiths, there's one legend in her sights. "I always mention Willie Nelson. I really, really want to work with him at some point," she says.

The newly-married mother of one says she plans on penning a lot of new songs while in Tennessee. "Writing for me is definitely a form of ventilation -- a way for me to cope and deal with emotions. I think it is for any writer," she explains. "I'm pretty much an open book. I don't feel like much has changed now. People who listen to the music can have a little piece of you and get to know you and somehow listen to the lyrics and apply it to their own lives."

But Crystal has another big priority that's competing with songwriting at the moment. "I really want to get knocked up!" she jokes with Popeater. "Plainly put -- I want to have another baby. We'll see how I can fit that into my work schedule. Life's a little hectic and crazy right now even with one. But my husband and I would definitely like to expand the family."

Her first album, 'Farmer's Daughter,' which includes ten tracks Crystal wrote, hit shelves at the end of 2010. The project's title track is already climbing the charts. Watch the video below.

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