Country on the River 2015 may have saved the best for last. Saturday's (Aug. 8) stacked lineup included a festival-closing set by Dierks Bentley, as well as performances by Randy HouserJerrod NiemannBlackjack Billy and American Young.

Despite having already hung out for two jam-packed days of country music, the crowd in Prairie du Chien, Wisc., looked happy, energetic and ready to wrap up this year's event with a party.

"It’s just incredible because you have so many people unified for one vision, which is to party down as hard as possible, pretty much, and I think that the team mentality in Nashville runs over into these festivals …" American Young's Kristy Osmunson tells Taste of Country. "It’s very unifying of a large group of people."

Osmunson and her duo partner Jon Stone have played Country on the River “I don’t even know, as long as American Young has been around,” and have made plenty of awesome memories.

“We’re all just buddies, and we hang out in Nashville, so it’s literally like putting the whole group of friends in one place,” she says. “We have a ball. This is my favorite festival of the summer … We steal the ATVs after our set and go hang out in the campground, and it’s always an all-night thing. It’s always that hysterical hilarity of a night that you can’t even begin to make up; the truth is always stranger than fiction. I love festivals, I absolutely love it.”

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