American Young, the duo made up of Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, are returning to Prairie du Chien, Wis., for the annual Country on the River festival. Osmunson says that she and Stone have played the event "I don’t even know, as long as American Young has been around," and have made some fun memories each year.

After Stone pranked Osmunson by convincing her that he had been arrested, she decided to get him back -- and good! -- backstage at Country on the River.

"Jon’s getting off Randy Houser’s bus, right? And the sheriff comes up and is like, ‘Please put your hands behind your back,'" Osmunson recalled to The Boot in the days prior to their appearance at the 2015 festival. "Houser gets off, and he’s like, ‘Man, let him go, man, we’re totally cool!’ and Jon is sitting backstage with his head hanging …”

Osmunson and her husband had even obtained a fake arrest warrant, complete with a judge's signature.

“It was a real thing," she explains. "It was totally a real warrant. And Jon’s like, ‘Call my attorney, speed dial 9!’"

Unfortunately, when Osmunson tried to capture the whole prank on video, she forgot to hit record on her camera.

"So we have this whole thing happen, and nobody got it on film!” she adds.

All practical jokes aside, the singer says that she and her duo partner look forward Country on the River because they get to hang out with their other artist friends that they don't get to see very often.

“We’re all just buddies, and we hang out in Nashville, so it’s literally like putting the whole group of friends in one place," she says. "We have a ball. This is my favorite festival of the summer ... We steal the ATVs after our set and go hang out in the campground, and it’s always an all-night thing. It’s always that hysterical hilarity of a night that you can’t even begin to make up; the truth is always stranger than fiction. I love festivals, I absolutely love it."

American Young are scheduled to perform at Country on the River 2015 on Saturday (Aug. 8).