Tammy GenoveseTammy Genovese, former CEO of the Country Music Association, is now overseeing the launch of a new country music television station.

The Country Network -- to be called TCN -- is opening for business on Nashville's Music Square West this week and will kick off national programming from the CMA Music Fest starting on June 10.

"Country music encompasses an immensely loyal audience," Tammy says. "When you consider the multiple cable channels and numerous highly successful festivals devoted to country music, not to mention the growing number of tech savvy fans of country radio -- which, by the way, boasts more listeners than any other genre, we know we've got a captive audience eager for a new way to connect and engage with new and existing artists. And that's exactly what we're going to do with TCN."

The network has three goals outlined by Tammy in a press statement: help new country artists launch their careers; allow mainstream country artists to interact with their fans, and "equally important pay respect to the legends who are still viable and working in the industry today."

The Country Network now airs on WIYC-DT in Montgomery, Ala. and can be seen on the network's website. More nationwide and perhaps international affiliates should be announced soon.