Corb Lund was surrounded by family and friends for a campfire-side performance of one of his brand-new songs, "Raining Horses," but fortunately for fans, a camera crew was there to capture the moment, too. Press play above to watch the special moment, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Seated on a wooden bench beside a crackling campfire, Lund accompanies himself on acoustic guitar for this version of "Raining Horses." The song is a wry look at the life of a rancher who can only hope his hard work will pay off; he "ain't got the heart" to sell his beloved mare, but his future is also at the mercy of genetics.

"If's rainin' horses / We just may drown / In a sea of Palominos, paints and grays and bays and browns," Lund sings in the chorus. "It's rainin' horses / Well, it's comin' down / 'Round here, it ain't cats and dogs / But colts that hit the ground."

A CCMA and Juno Awards nominee from Alberta, Canada, Lund is a tried-and-true cowboy who sings Western music that's traditional, yet current. "Raining Horses" is one of 12 new songs on his forthcoming new album, Agricultural Tragic.

“There are people who do Western music and they kind of freeze-dry it, like museum-style. I don’t do that at all; I’m interested in expressing myself currently -- which is actually what it feels like to have six generations of cowboy heritage thrown into the crazy 21st century urban setting," Lund reflects. "I love the traditional style, and I use it. But I approach it with abandon and irreverence.”

Agricultural Tragic is due out on June 26, rescheduled from April 24, via New West Records. The record, Lund's 10th studio release, is his first new original material since 2015's Things That Can't Be Undone, though he released a covers project, the Cover Your Tracks EP, in 2019.

"I worked really hard on this album — harder than I’ve ever worked before. This time around, I took my time and wrote more songs, rehearsed more with the band and explored sounds much more deeply," Lund reflects. "It took some time, but I’m really proud of this one and I’m excited to finally be able to share it."

Lund's 2020 tour dates have also been rescheduled in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He'll begin the trek on Aug. 29, the day he'll make his Grand Ole Opry debut.

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