Nashville will soon start a new season on a new network, but one thing that won't be changing is Connie Britton's presence on the show -- at least for now. At the 2016 Emmy Awards ceremony (held on Sept. 18), Britton addressed the rumors that she's leaving the show.

Readers can watch the clip above to see Britton answer the burning question that fans have been asking about her character, Rayna Jaymes ... kind of. While she doesn't explicitly confirm or deny the rumor that she's leaving the show mid-season, she does have words of praise for what's to come.

"I don’t know where that stuff came from. It’s kind of crazy the stuff that comes out,” she says. "What I can tell you is, we’re on CMT now. We have amazing writers that I’m so excited about, and it’s going to be the best writing we’ve ever seen on Nashville and probably the best season we’ve ever had."

TV Guide reports that Britton is signed on for 10 of 22 episodes in the coming season of Nashville, and she'll also be introduced to an exciting -- and potentially dangerous -- new character. According to the site, Britton's Jaymes will meet a wealthy superfan who says he "wants to introduce Rayna’s music to a whole new generation, but he has other, more nefarious plans for her."

Season 5 of Nashville will premiere on CMT on Jan. 5; the network picked up the show for a fifth season in early June, following ABC’s cancellation of the TV drama in mid-May, and thanks in part to fan demand. Along with the new network, the show will introduce a host of new characters, including Jaymes' superfan: Jen Richards and Carolina Chocolate Drops co-founder Rhiannon Giddens have joined the cast, and showrunners are casting for the role of Clay, “a creative, self-aware, highly motivated young man who suffers intense mood swings, but is nonetheless charming and outgoing.”

Nashville will be broadcast and streamed on CMT, and also streamed on Hulu, which currently carries the show’s previous seasons.

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