Cody Johnson was raw in many ways when he visited Radio Texas, Live! to record this interview, but there's no mistaking him as anyone but the confident hitmaker he'd become.

The Texan has a couple of national radio hits under his belt buckle in 2021. In April of 2011, he was a regional artist, but when you're from Texas, that classification carries a lot of weight. Just prior to this conversation, he'd won his first major country music awards — honors that propelled (or justified) his decision to quit his day job and make country music a full-time career.

If you've followed Johnson for years, you'll hear a man a little more reserved than the one you hear today. He was three albums into his music career by then, and ready to share new songs from his next album, A Different Day, which arrived five months after the mics were turned off.

"Jesus Ain't Watching" is one of the songs he talks about in detail. We're not able to share his live performance, but you can enjoy the rowdy final cut here:

The song, like Johnson, is raw, but true. His style is a little slicker in 2021, but no less genuine. With a new album in the works, fans of this star are eager to hear how Nashville did — or did not — change him. Those new to Johnson's music will get a couple of song suggestions and learn all about his influences.

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