Texas trio Cody Canada and the Departed are premiering their song "Unglued" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Anyone who's turned on the news in the last couple of years has an idea of what Canada intended when he wrote "Unglued." The song is a nod to the chaos that swirls around the country and, well, pretty much everything else: "There was a little lost rabbit / He was chasin' his tail through a high cotton field," Canada sings. "'It's only gonna get better,' said the wolf in leather / Who cares about how they feel?"

"Well, I do, and I'm pretty sure you do, too," the lyrics of "Unglued" continue. "Are we gettin' screwed? It's all just comin' unglued."

"Unglued" appears on Cody Canada and the Departed's forthcoming album, 3. The record's title is a nod to the fact that it will be the band's first release with its current lineup of three members: Canada and longtime collaborators Jeremy Plato on bass and drummer Eric Hansen. The project will invokes plenty of nostalgia for fans of Canada's former band, Cross Canadian Ragweed. Still 100-percent pure Red Dirt, still a little rough around the edges, 3 reflects a maturity in both sound and lyricism honed over Canada's 25-plus years in Texas' vibrant music scene.

"This record sounds like Cross Canadian Ragweed between 2002 and 2006, and it goes back to the way I originally started writing songs," Canada says. "It's observational writing. I was inspired by the bad news on the television. The good news, too. I was inspired by falling in love all over again with my wife, by watching my kids go through life, by politics, and by the modern world."

Cody Canada and the Departed will release 3 on June 29. In the meantime, fans can press play below to stream "Unglued."

Listen to Cody Canada and the Departed's "Unglued"

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