Just in time for Tuesday's (Nov. 8) 2016 presidential election, Clint Black has released a music video for his song "Still Calling It News" that pokes fun at the media coverage of the race for president.

"Still Calling It News," written by Black and Hayden Nicholas, appears on Black's newest studio album, On Purpose. The pair penned the tune back in 2012, around the time of that year's presidential election, but Black says in a press release that the song "has never seemed more relevant than now."

The "Still Calling It News" video takes clips from news broadcasts covering the 2016 presidential election -- CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor, ABC News, CBS News, CNN’s The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer and more -- lightly edits some of them and pairs them with humorous headlines. The lyrics to "Still Calling It News" scroll at the bottom of the screen, as breaking news headlines do on news channels.

In the press release, Black notes that his "Still Calling It News" clip “shouldn’t be taken as a political statement, but rather as a way to illustrate how our focus has been steered away from the important issues facing our country today.”

“If we had the footage," he adds, "we probably could’ve made an equally absurd video of the [1800 Thomas Jefferson / John Adams presidential] election."

On Purpose, released in 2015, is Black’s first studio album since Drinkin’ Songs and Other Logic in 2005, and is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

“It represents my attitude towards life, in that it’s never easy to ‘go your own way,’ but the rewards are greater when you follow your heart,” Black explains. “I know that’s what my fans expect from me, and I hope that they hear that in the songs on this album."

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