Country rocker Clare Dunn is known for high-energy live performances and badass guitarwork, but the artist shows her softer side on her latest single, "More," a bubbly and uptempo declaration of a love so good that she can't get enough. 

However, Dunn says, "More" almost never happened, because the day of her co-write, she got sick. Read on to learn why she wound up going to the writing session anyway, and why the idea of the song immediately resonated with her.

I usually find that songs that end up being important for me are ones that almost don't happen. I was sick that day, and I didn't feel like going and writing, and usually those are the days that I'm like, "Okay, well, this is gonna be something good, so I definitely need to show up."

Gordie Sampson and Josh Kear were who I was writing with that day, and I'm so lucky to be in a room with those guys.

I'd had this idea I'd been carrying around in my back pocket: I'd heard someone say, "No one's gonna love you more," and I'd just thought, "I can't wait for somebody to say that to me," you know? But it's just a song about trying to say "I love you" in a different way, whether it's romantic love or the love between your family members or your friends. It's just trying to tell that to somebody, and hopefully hear that back at some point.

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