CJ Solar is in an unusual position when it comes to country radio: Not only has he had the opportunity to hear his own song, "Coming My Way," over the airwaves, but he's also heard songs that he wrote, performed by other artists. Solar loves hearing his songs on the radio, no matter whether he's performing them or not -- especially in the case of Morgan Wallen's mega-hit "Up Down."

While reflecting on the experiences of hearing his own songs, Solar points out another exciting voice he's been hearing on the radio: that of a former bandmate-turned-rising-superstar. Read on to learn more, told in Solar's own words. 

They're both still really cool. I mean, it's definitely more rare hearing songs [I'm singing], but there's definitely a lot of stations across the country that have been great to me and have been playing my songs.

[The first time I heard] "Up Down," it was mind-blowing. It's still really cool, catching it here and there. It's still on the radio, and, especially this summer, it'll probably have a little comeback, get played a little more. But, yeah, that's never gonna get old.

And, you know, hearing Hardy getting played on the radio, too -- like, I'll be in gas stations, I'll be wherever, and hear Hardy all over the place. That's so cool. Hardy used to play in my band a couple of years back, and we're doing a festival together where he's headlining and I'm playing before him. It's so awesome [to see his success].

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