Ladies, you may say you know Chuck Wicks for his 'every woman's fantasy' songs, 'Stealing Cinderella' and 'Hold That Thought,' but you'd have to be blind to miss his striking good looks. Not to diminish his talent, but he's definitely easy on the eyes!

"It would be pretty fun to go along for the ride to country superstardom with a guy who looks like Chuck, don't you think?" MSN asks, as Chuck is named to its Most Eligible Bachelor List. The only country singer to make the compilation, Chuck is in the company of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, actor/musician Justin Timberlake and Chuck's ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough's current beau, Ryan Seacrest.

If you scroll through too quickly, it may seem as though Chuck has some Nashville company. Jamie Johnson also makes MSN's list. No, not Jamey Johnson the country singer/songwriter extraordinaire, but rather Jamie the Johnson & Johnson heir (whose facial hair has nothing on the 'In Color' singer).

Don't forget, The Boot readers concurred on Chuck's appeal when you named him the 'Hottest Bachelor in Country Music,' through your votes via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our feature even included a poignant tidbit from Chuck on his dating life: "My idea of the perfect date is one that leaves you anxious to have the second one," he told The Boot.

Don't expect Chuck to stay on the market too long. "I'm single now but I don't want to be single," he told CMIL earlier this year. "I want to have that girl that I'm talking to on the phone and go 'hold that thought.'"

Prince Harry is MSN's No. 1 Most Eligible Bachelor. Get their full list here and read our list of country's hottest bachelors here.

Chuck is currently on the road in support of his current single 'Hold That Thought.' His next show is December 4 in Little Rock, Ark. Get ticket information here.

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