Chris Young's new song "Drowning" shifted the timeline for his next album's release a little bit. In fact, after that song came out in late August, the singer decided to go back into the studio and record some additional material for the forthcoming project.

"Yeah, I'm still cutting some stuff," Young told The Boot and other outlets backstage at the taping of the 2019 CMA Country Christmas television special in September. "The last time I talked to somebody, they were like, 'Didn't you tell us it was coming out soon?' And I was like, 'Yeah, but then we did the thing with "Drowning" and kind of shifted from the song I thought we were going to to this one.' And then I've got some [songs] that I've written recently that I wanted to go back in and cut."

For many artists, the album-making process consists of cutting a lot of songs, then whittling them down to a final track list. However, Young says that that isn't typically how he makes records: "I very rarely cut something and it doesn't make the record," the singer shares.

"I don't really go in and cut 40 songs and then try to pare down," Young continues. "For some people, that's the process they like to do. I just can't do that, because then I'm like, 'Well, everybody needs to hear all these 40 songs!'"

Young still isn't sure whether his new music will come out in 2019 or 2020, but fans can rest assured that he's working hard on the album. "We're kind of feeling out the release process, but it's awesome," he adds. "I was just tracking through it this morning, actually."

In addition to his previously shared duet with Lauren Alaina, "Town Ain't Big Enough," Young's new project will include two more collaborations: one with Kane Brown, and another with Brad Paisley and Riley Green.

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