If it feels like Chris Young has been working on his next album for years -- well, that's because he has been. The country star says he just can't stop adding new tracks to the project.

"So, here's the thing: If you ask me how many songs I've tracked and finished, I think it would about 16 at this point ... like, the album could go out tomorrow," Young tells The Boot over Zoom. "And now, the longer I get to work on it, the more I'm like, 'Well, I'm just gonna keep adding to it.'"

Adding new songs doesn't mean removing old ones, either: Young clarifies that everything fans have already heard -- singles "Raised on Country," "Drowning" and "If That Ain't God," as well as a duet with Lauren Alaina and teased collaborations with Kane Brown and Riley Green and Brad Paisley -- remain on the record.

"You know, if I have a little bit more time, it might turn into a double record, I don't know," he says. "They haven't told me to stop yet, so I just keep going."

The three aforementioned collaborations are the only ones on Young's next record (right now), but he also mentions an outside cut called "Double Down," which he describes as a "super-fun party song, a big party anthem," as well as some more serious fare. "I'm just really having fun with it right now," he notes. "They're letting me be as creative as I want, so I'm doing it."

The new songs fans have heard so far from Young run the tempo and emotional gamut. The album, he says, does the same.

"That is definitely indicative of the process I've made on this record, where we've gone some places people haven't necessarily seen from me before, or maybe haven't seen from me recently, and then also tried to go into the things that people have loved about albums that I've done in the past," Young explains. "If you listen to all of those songs and put them together, that'd be it."

Young doesn't have a release date for his next album just yet -- "Obviously releasing anything right now is a little bit different" due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, he points out -- but he thinks his label wants to let "If That Ain't God," released on July 3, run its course a bit before putting the record out.

Young's last album, Losing Sleep, came out in 2017.

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