Chris Young has released the music video for his current single, 'Lonely Eyes.'

In the video, Young serenades a beautiful green-eyed woman while he sings the song's lyrics about a woman being thrown cat calls and dirty jokes when she comes into a bar alone.

“I’ve spent my fair share of time at Losers [Bar & Grill] in Nashville,” Young says. “As a songwriter, I like to always be observing the world around me because you never know where you’ll find inspiration, and I've seen moments like what I sing about in ‘Lonely Eyes’ go down all the time."

The tune was penned by Johnny Bulford, Laura Leltz and Jason Matthews. Young says that it made it on his album 'A.M.' for more than just the recognizable subject matter.

“I've always said the best song wins," he says, "and the soaring melody and smart lyrics of this song grabbed me from the first time I heard it."

The gold-certified 'A.M' is available for download via iTunes and Amazon. Young will be taking his A.M. Tour worldwide in 2015. A list of upcoming tour dates can be found at

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