Chris Young has headlined several of his own tours, including his recent year-long I'm Comin' Over Tour. But when the chance came to serve as the opening act on Jason Aldean's They Don't Know Tour, along with Kane Brown and Dee Jay Silver, Young knew it was the perfect opportunity for him.

"The tour with Jason is amazing," Young shared with The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "I have R&B influences on a lot of songs that I do that are still very, very country. He has a lot of stuff that is very, very country and also has rock influence. There are some songs I have, like "All in All," that overlap, but there’s also a lot of stuff I do that’s maybe softer, production-wise, than what he does. And it works great, because it is something the crowd seems to love. And I’m just trying to steal as many fans as possible while I’m out there with him, and he knows that. It’s actually cool to tour with him again."

Aldean and Young previously hit the road together in 2011, on Aldean's My Kinda Party Tour. At the time, both singers were just hitting their stride as successful artists.

"Obviously a lot has happened in my career, [and] a lot has happened in his career, since then," Young notes. "It’s just fun. It seems like there’s a pretty full crowd every time we’re out there. A lot of people are actually showing up early to see Kane, too. The whole package of the tour is just a lot of fun."

In addition to touring, Young is working on his sixth studio album -- but, even without new music, he has plenty of hits for the audience to sing along with, including his Grammys-nominated duet with Cassadee Pope, "Think of You," and his most recent No. 1 hit, "Sober Saturday Night" with Vince Gill. For Young, all of the hard work is worth it whenever he sees the crowd singing along to songs such as those.

"Just based off of what I’ve heard other people say, and what I feel anytime you have a crowd singing back to you, if George Strait and Garth Brooks still get excited about it, I don’t think it ever gets old," says Young. "It’s always one of the most exciting things in the world. I took this song, and I went into the studio, and I made this piece of art that I love, that I hope other people love, and then it has its own life, and you go out and play a show and people are singing it back to you -- there is nothing like that. It’s impossible to describe, other than it’s just perfect. It’s amazing."

A list of all of Young's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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