Now that Chris Young's fifth studio album, I'm Comin' Over, is out, fans can dive into the entire record and find out what the country star is offering on the new project. However, for those fans who want a preview before they buy, Young says that his debut single from the disc, which is the title track, is a good indication of the rest of the album.

"Normally when people ask what a record sounds like, I find it really hard to describe, because there’s so many different ways you can look at it: You can look at it from a production standpoint, you can look at it from a songwriter standpoint, or what I did with my vocals," Young tells The Boot. "But the best way, really, for me to tell people, I’ve just been saying that if you’ve heard "I’m Comin' Over," that’s what the rest of the record sounds like. It is an evolution a little bit from what I’ve done in the past."

Young acted as co-producer, along with Corey Crowder, for the first time on his new record, but that's not the only way that I'm Comin' Over stands out among his previous discs.

"The way I recorded my vocals is different ...," the singer explains. "Me and Corey and Josh Hoge wrote about two-thirds of the record together, so that was really the nucleus of it, and how it got started. I think that’s the best way to describe what it sounds like."

The Tennessee native says that, for the first time, he has no reservations about how his fans will react.

"The best way to describe it, if I’m going to talk about it, is just how excited I am," Young maintains. "They don’t have to ask me to be excited about this record in any of my interviews, and that’s the best part. I really do feel like we nailed this record ..."

I'm Comin' Over is now available on Amazon and iTunes.

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