Following the unexpected death of country singer Daryle Singletary on Monday (Feb. 12), Chris Young included a poignant tribute to Singletary in his setlist for a San Antonio, Texas, show that same evening. Young performed an abbreviated version of "I Let Her Lie;" readers can press play above to see the performance, which Young shared on Twitter.

Sparsely accompanied by his acoustic guitar, Young's take on what is arguably the late singer's signature song was a faithful and heartfelt cover that recalled the hallmarks of its original performance: The deeper reaches of Singletary's baritone and his earnest, unembellished singing style. Young performed only the first couple of verses of the song before concluding, "I miss you, Daryle."

"I Let Her Lie" tells the story of looking past a lover's infidelity, even when she comes clean about her cheating ways and promises never to do it again -- a promise, the song implies, that she won't be able to keep. Originally written by Tim Johnson, Singletary's recording of the song shot to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1995, and was the second single to be released off the singer's self-titled album.

Singletary died early in the morning on Feb. 12, at age 46, and the cause of death is not yet known. He is survived by his wife, Holly, along with their four children: 7-year-old twin boys Mercer and Jonah, 5-year-old daughter Nora Caroline and 3-year-old Charlotte Rose. Since his death, several country performers have contributed tribute performances to honor Singletary: Among others, artist Lee Brice chimed in with "Old Violin," a Johnny Paycheck song that Singletary covered for his 2002 album That's Why I Sing This Way. Singletary performed "Old Violin" to close out what turned out to be his last performance, at a nightclub called Cowboy's in Lafayette, La., on Saturday night (Feb. 10).

Country Artists Mourn Daryle Singletary's Death

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