A ton of work and effort went into the creation of Chris Stapleton's new Lego-ized music video for "Second One to Know" -- about three years' worth, actually -- and the singer tells Rolling Stone that the clip contains plenty of Easter eggs for fans to find.

Actor Chris Pratt plays the fan who gets tossed out of a crowd towards the beginning of the music video, for example. Later on in the clip, another Lego character paints a Picasso-inspired portrait of Stapleton, in a callback to a line from another of his songs ("People call me the Picasso of painting this town," from "Up to No Good Livin'"). The singer tells Rolling Stone that may be his favorite of the hidden details in the video.

"It's great. They throw some ninjas into the merch booth and fall over, and right there is a guy painting a Picasso of me -- that cracks me up. There are tons of things like that if you wanna look for them," he adds.

Stapleton's kids make a rare appearance in the video for "Second One to Know," too. "I only had two kids when I started this video and now I have five, but the other neat thing about this is my oldest two got to participate and approve in the creation of themselves as Legos," the singer explains. "[Producer] Dave Cobb's daughter is in it, too, and so is the drummer Derek Mixon's daughter, so they're the four kids that are driving the robot."

In fact, the Lego rendition is a pretty good adaption of the real-life group of people that join the superstar on the road. "A good portion of my crew is in it -- the backline guys, the monitor guys, lighting, audio crew people," Stapleton says.

Stapleton's children don't typically show up in the public eye; in fact, in 2018, he explained that he purposely keeps them out of the spotlight.

"I signed up for this," he pointed out at the time. "My children did not. I am a very private person, and in that respect, I keep my children out of it. They're children, and they deserve the chance to be children."

In this instance, though, the chance to turn his kids into Lego characters -- while allowing them to be creative, and even make some of the decisions about the artistic renditions of themselves -- was too good to pass up. "I grew up playing with Legos as a kid, but my kids like Legos, too," Stapleton says of the new video.

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