Chris Lane relies on classic country influences on his sophomore album, Laps Around the SunFor the singer, getting back to the basics of the genre meant getting in touch with some of the most important messages he has to share.

On his song "Hero," Lane tells the stories of people from different walks of life who all have one thing in common: They need all a "hero" to help themselves through their struggles and out of their situations. No matter the circumstances, Lane expresses in the song, everyone needs help sometimes, and everyone can find that help in their personal faith: "He'll wash away your sins / All you gotta do is reap in / Open up your heart, accept him and / He'll save your soul / Jesus is a hero," Lane sings in the third verse. 

Read on to learn more about the process of recording "Hero," and why the song is so special to Lane.

I've never recorded a song like "Hero;" I guess I could say that. It's one of those story-type songs that you used to hear a lot of in country music, and you don't necessarily hear a lot of anymore.

I love the message to it. It's a message that's very true to my heart, and one that I wanted to put out. I'm certainly thankful that I got to record this song, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I'm also really happy with the reaction it's getting. It seems like people are relating to it, just like I did when I first heard it, and that's the ultimate goal. Obviously everybody has a different story, but I've seen so many tweets and Instagram posts saying that both verses seem so familiar to their lives. Or other people saying, "I'm a single mother, and that second verse speaks to me," that kind of thing.

I think there's a great response in the third verse to all of the other verses, which is why I initially fell in love with the song. It's a really universal message.

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