Chris J Norwood has a whole lot of fun making his point in the music video for his cheekily titled new single "I Am Not Cool." The new clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot, juxtaposes the singer-songwriter's life in the spotlight with mundane slices of life out of it.

Scenes of Norwood walking a red carpet, performing onstage and being approached by fans accompany each verse in this Randall Marsrow-directed music video. Each chorus, though, reveals the truth: "I am not cool / I don't play rock 'n' roll / I am just a man tryin' to sing what I know," Norwood sings.

"There's only two kinds of music / What's true and what ain't / It only takes three chords to set the record straight," the choruses continue as viewers see Norwood mowing the lawn, enjoying a backyard jam sessions with his family and even, humorously, being his own roadie. His work life may seem glamorous, but behind the scenes, he's just like the rest of us.

"I Am Not Cool" is the title track of Norwood's forthcoming sophomore album, due out on State Fair Records on Aug. 20. He self-produced the project, which follows his 2017 debut, Longshot.

Based in Dallas, Norwood is also the co-founder of the band Texicana. Keep up with him at

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