Nashville star Chris Carmack will be giving an early Christmas gift to his fans: The actor and singer has announced that his long-awaited EP, Pieces of You, will be released this December.

“Music came first, before the acting. I find that when I write songs, oftentimes it’s therapeutic. It’s an exploration of myself and either what I’m going through or what someone close to me is going through,” Carmack says in a statement. “Writing and singing these songs helps me deal with the emotions, and I think they are things other people can relate to when they hear them. I’m excited to share the music.”

The 34-year-old, who play country star Will Lexington on the hit ABC drama, has already released "Being Alone" as his debut single from the five-track project. Pieces of You's title track is also available for download now via iTunes.

"["Being Alone"] and the other songs I’ve written for this EP are actually songs that I wrote when I was living in Los Angeles and [been] encouraged by friends to record since I’ve been here in Nashville,” Carmack tells The Boot. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to do anything with them. I thought when I came to Nashville, I was going to hook up with some of the top country writers in town and write some country tunes. Some of the things I’ve been writing since I’ve been here have not been as intimate or as personal or honest, so when I decided I really wanted to do some recording and do a project, I went back to some of those more personal songs, and “Being Alone” is one of them.”

See a track listing for Pieces of You below. An exact release date for the EP has not yet been announced.

Nashville airs on Wednesday nights at 10PM ET on ABC.

Chris Carmack, Pieces of You Track Listing:

1. "Being Alone"
2. "Can’t Do It Again"
3. "What Has Changed"
4. "Always Mine"
5. "Pieces of You"

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