Congratulations to Nashville's Chris Carmack: The singer and actor is engaged!

Carmack's girlfriend, Erin Slaver, shared the news on her Instagram account on Tuesday (March 1). The photo, which readers can see above, shows the couple smiling, with Carmack holding a bottle of champagne and a diamond ring visible on Slaver's finger.

Nashville fans might know Slaver: She played one of Juliette Barnes' (Hayden Panettiere) backup singers during the show's first two seasons. Slaver is a fiddle player and is currently working with the band JD & the Straight Shot. She and Carmack have also performed together.

In addition to his role as Will Lexington on Nashville, Carmack released an EP, Pieces of You, in December. He acknowledges that that without his role on Nashville, he may have never had the courage to release the project.

“The music is something I’ve always done and always loved but always really kept for myself,” Carmack says. “Something I do for me. I never really intended on giving it a stab, but the opportunities that have presented themselves through the show have made it clear that I really need to, for my own sanity. If I was to let these opportunities go by without ever giving it a try, I would probably regret it for the rest of my life, so I’m giving it a go.”

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