When country singer Chely Wright has something to say, she'll say it. She's not been shy about voicing her opinions on numerous issues -- especially gay marriage and LGBTQ rights since coming out in 2010 -- and recently shared her opinion of the term "political correctness" in a Facebook post.

The phrase "politically correct" is often brought up in debates over hot topics such as gay marriage and the removal of the Confederate flag. In her Facebook post, Wright explains that she's noticed "that those who continually mock and complain that 'political correctness is rampant and ridiculous -- yada yada yada' are most always straight, white, Christian males."

"They're people who've never had to rely on others to speak up for them to protect and correct systemic injustices that society has leveled upon them," she adds.

The singer goes on to explain exactly why she believes the term "politically correct" exists -- a reason she calls "valid and profound."

"The term was born out of a desperate need to aid and to render fairness and safety," Wright writes. "So many straight, white, Christian men have a lot of fun throwing the words 'political correctness' around as a pejorative, but to me and many others, it only serves to identify them as a person who lacks empathy and kindness."

Wright is passionate about sticking up for those who are bullied, whether for being gay or simply not fitting in. She even created and is the spokesperson for a non-profit committed to assisting and educating LGBTQ individuals and their families. So it's only fitting that Wright concludes, "Additionally, I'd bet my eye teeth that these men were often the big, mouthy bully on the playground at school who picked on the poor kid, the handicapped kid, the gay kid, the kid with glasses, the black kid and the kid with a single parent."

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