Chelsea Field is a country girl with the heart of a rock star. The flagship artist on brand-new Nashville label, Moxy Records, Chelsea is a powerful vocalist who has an affinity for Journey and Aerosmith, and can belt out a Heart tune with surprising conviction. But the Ohio native insists her road leads straight to Music City.

"I think country music is in my soul," Chelsea tells The Boot. "I'm definitely a rocker, but in my voice you can hear a little twang. Growing up, any karaoke song I'd do would always be a country song. Jessica Andrews, anything like that. It's the kind of music I gravitate to."

Born with a natural knack for music and a fierce determination, Chelsea says it was only after she briefly considered another career that she realized how important her first passion was to her. "I grew up very much on Trisha Yearwood and Rebecca Lynn Howard. I started singing from a very young age, and I started going to voice lessons when I was 4, and I still take voice lessons to this day. I was always a ham growing up. Being on stage was a fun, comforting thing to me."

Putting her singing career on hold for a short time, Chelsea attended college and played volleyball.

"I never thought I'd be a professional volleyball player or anything, but I wanted to do that for a little bit to see what I really wanted. I was so homesick for the singing thing that I decided to move to Nashville. I moved here when I was 19."

Aware of the fact that the success of Moxy Records falls largely on her shoulders, at a time when previously successful labels are closing with rapid succession, Chelsea says she knows there's a lot of pressure weighing on her to carry the company -- which suits her just fine.

"It's a challenge I'm willing to accept," she insists. "I love what I'm doing and I hope people can see that, and I'm doing it for all the right reasons. I'm a good person. I want to make people happy and it makes me happy doing it, so it's a win-win.

Chelsea's first single, 'Things I Should've Said,' is steadily climbing the charts. Look for her album to hit shelves this fall.