The Boot rounds up this week's most memorable quotes from country stars.

"I don't think so! I think there have been enough boobs in the White House." --Dolly Parton, addressing fans in Los Angeles wearing 'Dolly For President' t-shirts

"One day we'll be lancing a boil on a calf's neck and the next day we'll be at the Oscars." -- Jewel on balancing celebrity life with Texas ranch life (Source: Country Weekly)

"When you go to write a song, you owe it to your listener to give them complete honesty, to tell them the full story in a way they can hear it, understand it and apply it to their life. If you can't do that, it's like peeing in your pants: You might get a warm feeling, but nobody else really cares to know. --Jamey Johnson (Source: Nashville Scene)

"Some things you do because they just feel good; some things you do because they are difficult. As Jennifer says a lot, we're using a toothbrush to clean the archeological dig." -- Sugarland's Kristian Bush on writing for the duo's new album (Source: The Tennessean)

"Even my wife likes it, so that says a lot!" --Tim McGraw on his new cologne (Source: Dial-Global)

"Me and John [Rich] ended up on his front porch, dialing a whole bunch of people we had no business calling at four in the morning! We woke up with hangovers and an idea for a song." --James Otto on the inspiration behind his song, 'Drink and Dial' (Source: Country Weekly)