Chase Rice first found fame on television, in 2010, thanks to his successful stint on Survivor: Nicaragua; in fact, it wouldn’t be until a few years later that he would hear himself singing on the radio for the first time.

Rice, who helped write the hit “Cruise” for Florida Georgia Line, was, a bit ironically, cruising in a car with FGL’s Brian Kelley when he first heard himself on the airwaves. Below, he shares the experience with The Boot.

It would go back to [SiriusXM's channel] the Highway. It was a song called “Buzz Back;” I think was what it was. That was back before I had anything really, really good to put out there.

I was actually in the car with Brian Kelley from FGL. We were still living together at the time, and we’d written that song together, and we were just laughing: “This is crazy, man. I’m on the radio!”

They’d been playing [a couple of Florida Georgia Line's songs] a little at the time on Sirius, but it was my turn.

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