After the controversy regarding his decision to play live in front of a not-very-socially-distant crowd in Tennessee in June, Chase Rice is getting back to doing what he does best: writing some strong songs.

“I’m getting back into writing mode here,” Rice says in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday (July 22), in which the Florida native wears a Dale Earnhardt T-shirt and sports a bushy mustache. “I think I’ve written, like, five songs in the last week."

"I’m excited to get back into writing, and I’m excited to work on Part 3 & Part 4, whatever my album ends up looking like," Rice adds. Back in May, he released The Album Part II, a four-song project to follow January’s surprise release of The Album Part I.

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has forced artists to reschedule most live shows until 2021, Rice is finding time to write songs that seem custom-made for the times. "Ain't Many Like Us Left," for example, which Rice debuts in the video above, was co-written by Rice with Taylor Phillips, Brock Berryhill and Jeremy Stover.

“We just started talking about our grandparents, and it just doesn’t seem like there are many like them these days, so we wrote this song," the singer shares, "and I hope we get to play it live at some point, and I hope you enjoy it.”

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