Chase Bryant's favorite place is onstage. Whether playing intimate venues as the headliner or packed arenas as the opening act for artists such as Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert, the 22-year-old says that he comes alive in front of a crowd.

"When I get onstage, I’m a whole different person," Bryant tells The Boot. "I’m the same person on- and offstage, but there’s something inside that’s different, that morphs or turns on; there’s a switch that turns on when you go onstage ... but when I get done, I’m one of everybody else, because that job’s done, and that switch is turned off. You’re back to a normal life until it happens again, if it happens again."

Since his debut in 2014, Bryant has notched two Top 10 singles, "Take It on Back" and "Little Bit of You." But as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album, the Texas native says he isn't interested in the perks of being famous.

"I’ve never become the guy that was self-indulgent ... I wanted to do what I wanted to do because that’s what fans gave me the fuel to do. For me, I was never into all the crazy fortune and fame and the this and the that. I’m very simple; I’m a simple guy," Bryant maintains. "You see me onstage, and you go, ‘Man, this guy’s got to be a blast to hang out with and probably talks all the time’ -- [but] I’m pretty quiet. I’m pretty low key about a lot of things; I’m pretty private about a lot of stuff. I just play music."

"Room to Breathe," Bryant's first single from his upcoming record, is available for download on iTunes. A list of all of Bryant's upcoming shows can be viewed on his website.

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