In honor of the Louvin Brothers' Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Grammy Awards, a documentary about Charlie Louvin is available for streaming this month.

Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin' the Devil's Cage premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Nashville Film Festival in 2012. The 46-minute film follows Louvin's career, from his time performing with his brother Ira to his death in 2011 -- including everything from when Elvis Presley opened for the duo to Louvin's personal struggles with his brother's drinking.

Louvin was diagnosed with cancer in June 2010. A show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Louvin Brothers' album Satan Is Real was set for that December, and filmmakers Blake Judd and Keith Neltner, who previously met Louvin for a home interview in 2008, were inspired to document the event. The duo raised money for the project through Kickstarter, with the goal of being able to produce 1,000 DVDs, the proceeds from which would go to help Louvin and his family with medical bills.

Charlie Louvin: Still Rattlin' the Devil's Cage features clips of the last interview Louvin ever gave mixed with video clips and family photos. Louvin's story is told by the people who knew him best -- his fellow musicians -- including George JonesEmmylou HarrisMarty StuartAlison Krauss and John McCrea of Cake, the latter of whom Louvin toured with later in life.

Louvin succumbed to his cancer in January 2011, at 83 years old. He released his final album, The Battles Rage On, in November 2010.

More information about the film, including streaming, can be found at and on the film's Facebook page.