Charlie Daniels may be nearing his eighth decade of life, but he's as busy as ever. He and his band recently released a live CD and DVD, Live at Billy Bob's Texas, hosted the 40th Volunteer Jam and have been touring the country.

"It was one of those things that came down the pike ... we were honored to do it," the country legend tells The Boot of the Live at Billy Bob's Texas project. "Billy Bob's is a great place to do a live album; I can't think of a better place ... People walk through the door with a smile on their face, and they're ready to have fun."

Fun isn't hard to find when watching Daniels with his fiddle and band: The 79-year-old treats the stage like his playground and the tour bus like his home. Though he's been onstage thousands of times, it never gets old.

"Every time I get onstage is a cool moment. I do love what I'm doing. It's a way of life; it's routine to me," Daniels says. "I don't mean to sound mundane because it's not that; it's my routine of life. I'm just as at home on the bus as I am in my bed at home. I go out of one mode into the other ... I've just been doing it so long, it's just natural to me."

So natural, in fact, that Daniels can't possibly imagine retiring. Days full of relaxation don't sit well with the artist, so as long as he can play music, he'll do it.

"My work is not so physically demanding that I can't do it at my advanced age. And there's not another way I want to spend my life," Daniels explains. "I don't want to chase a golf ball around for the next how many years the Lord gives me. I love fishing, but I don't want to go fishing every day. I want to play music every day. I'll stick with what I'm doing. I'm just thankful to the good Lord that I'm making a living doing something I love so much."

Daniels is currently working on an acoustic album of cowboy songs -- "obscure" tunes he's been thinking about cutting for a long time, he says. The singer adds that the album will be one to listen to while sitting on the front porch -- and it's not going to take very long to create.

"Basically, I'll just take three of the guys -- guitar players, bass player and myself," Daniels reveals. "It's not a band-type project; it's like a front porch-type project: a bunch of guys sitting out on the front porch playing together. Very possibly could be a couple of originals on it."

While fans are waiting for Daniels' next album, they can always find him on social media -- Twitter in particular. He'll talk about anything and everything on the social network: politics, opinions, beliefs -- things that he doesn't discuss onstage because people "pay money to hear me play and sing." Daniels' son introduced him to Twitter, and "once I found out the possibilities -- that I could talk to everyone in the world at my computer at the same time -- it just fascinated me. I do it every day now."

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