Charlie Daniels will become an official member of the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday, Oct. 16, but his presence will linger in the museum before and long past the induction ceremony. The country music icon is the subject of a new exhibit, Charlie Daniels: Million Mile Reflections, scheduled to open on Sept. 23.

"I’m looking as forward to seeing it as anybody," Daniels tells The Boot. "These folks here are really good at it; they know what they’re doing. I guess I’ll see it the same time everyone else will, on the 23rd; we’ll come down and look at it. I can’t imagine how they’ll do it."

Daniels allowed museum staff to sort through many of his own belongings and mementos that he has collected over the past 80 years, including song lyrics, photographs, instruments and awards.

"We had a fortunate situation in that we had a museum in town here for a number of years and lost the lease on it. We had to move all our stuff out," Daniels explains, referring to the now-closed Charlie Daniels Museum and Gift Shop. "We still had it centralized in one place, in a pod out at the office. So when they wanted to do look through my stuff, it was a very simple thing for the folks from here to come out and go through and pick what they wanted. And then they came up to my house and took pictures off the wall and little artifacts and stuff like that."

Still, the exact items that will appear in the Million Mile Reflections exhibit are a mystery to Daniels, who won't find out for sure what's being used until the exhibit opens.

"I know a lot of stuff that they took, but I don’t know if they’re going to use it all or what the progression of stuff will be," he notes. "It’s fascinating to see somebody else’s concept of your life, and to see how somebody else would arrange things. I remember when they put our other museum in, when they got through with it and I went down, there were things in there that I had forgotten about."

Charlie Daniels: Million Mile Reflections will be open through March 31, 2017. More information about the upcoming exhibit can be found on the museum's website.

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