Charley Pride has had plenty of hits -- including 'Kiss an Angel Good Mornin',' and 'I'm Just Me' -- but now that he's part-owner of the Texas Rangers, he's likely hoping for hits of a different nature. reports that the country star is part of an 18-person investment group, headed by Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, that recently made an offer on the team.

Charley himself is no stranger to the game. During the 1950s, the future country music superstar was a pitcher and outfielder for the Memphis Red Sox and the Birmingham Black Barons. He also pitched for a team of Negro League All-Stars in 1956 against a team that included future baseball legends Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and other luminaries.

Also an avid Rangers fan, Charley was 'drafted" by the club in 2008 as part of Major League Baseball's recognition of former Negro League players. The Rangers likely knew what they were getting when they ceremonially drafted Charley, because he has joined them for years during spring training.

Now there's only one base left to cover before Charley's happy return to baseball: Major League Baseball must approve the $593 million sale of the team to the investment group.