Americana singer-songwriter Cashavelly Morrison will be releasing a new album in early November, and she's giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to one of its tracks. Press play below to hear the heavy new song "Gunmaker."

"Gunmaker" is a haunting, timely track that finds Morrison imagining the internal struggle of the song's titular craftsman. The gunmaker earns a living that allows him to care for his daughter -- and yet, it also puts her and other children at risk: "Any man could do her in, right or wrong," Morrison's character reflects, and "lately, I can't look her in the face."

"After the shootings at Aurora and Sutherland Springs. After Charleston. After Sandy Hook. After Las Vegas, I found myself thinking about this character ... Maybe it isn't fair to lay the burden on a gunmaker. But the gunmaker in this story is no longer concerned with fairness ... The bargain of trading the endangerment of innocent lives for financial gain just doesn't hold water for him anymore," Morrison explains of her "Gunmaker" character. "He's come to a point of no return. He has opened his heart to the suffering his hands have wrought. That, I believe, is one of the most heroic steps a man can take."

To The Boot, Morrison admits that "Gunmaker" took some time to write. "I learned the hard way it isn't easy to write a song that walks the line of a highly charged debate," she says.

"I want my songs to be personal yet resonate in a wider cultural context. For a long time with this song, I failed," Morrison shares, adding that when "Gunmaker" did come together, though, it happened quickly: "I thought on this song for so long that finally one day while standing in my kitchen, having messily scrawled yet another draft on a scrap of paper, I started clapping my hands to make a beat and I sang the song in its final form into my voice recorder," she recalls. "I sent the recording to my partner Ryan [MacLeod], and within a few minutes, he messaged back, 'Good God, that's it.'"

Morrison released her debut album, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, in 2015. Since then, she's given birth to her second child, and watched the 2016 presidential election and the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, among others, play out. These social movements and political changes inspired Morrison and her husband, a guitarist and banjo player, as they created her forthcoming album, Hunger.

Hunger, Morrison's sophomore record, is due out on Nov. 3. Visit to learn more.

Listen to Cashavelly Morrison's "Gunmaker"

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