Carrie Underwood will take her Play On tour to Canada next week, and while she acknowledges that the homeland of her boyfriend, hockey player Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators, is "another world" from her Oklahoma upbringing, she's getting used to it -- except for one thing: snow. Well, make that two things. Snow and Mike's loyal fans!

"We're just north of Texas," Carrie tells the Toronto Sun of her Checotah, Okla., hometown. "So when it snows in Oklahoma, we close everything, but it doesn't seem to bother people here. I'm waiting for the day I drive my truck into a snow bank."

Most folks Carrie has encountered in Ottawa have been supportive of the couple's announced engagement ("They love Mike ... that warms my heart," says the superstar), but she has met a few hockey fans who are a little more cautious about her involvement with the NHL star.

"A woman came up to me at the grocery store and chewed me out, telling me if I thought I was going to take Mike away from Ottawa, I had another thing coming, and she wasn't kidding," says Carrie. "She let me know she loved him and he was going to stay here, period, no matter what I said. She might have been kidding, but she wasn't being funny."

Although no date has been announced for the upcoming wedding, Carrie insists the couple will most likely divide their time between Nashville in the summer and Ottawa during hockey season when she's not on tour.

On March 24, Carrie will 'play on' at Kanata's Scotiabank Place, where she first met Mike Fisher backstage at her concert in March 2008.