Carrie Underwood's "Smoke Break" music video will premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Monday (Aug. 24), but on Sunday (Aug. 23), she gave fans a sneak peek of the clip, sharing a teaser trailer on her social media accounts.

The teaser trailer, which you can watch above, shows snippets of Underwood driving through the Mojave Desert -- where the video was filmed -- flipping through radio stations and dealing with a broken-down retro pickup truck. She sports lace-accented denim shorts, a white tank top and a gingham vest ... and looks fabulous, as always.

“The song itself is one of those story songs I feel like everybody can relate to, about how life is so hectic,” Underwood explains of "Smoke Break." “And it’s so nice when — if and when — you actually get to step away for a second. We all need that, and we all need that time to ourselves and to get to take a break.”

“I don’t drink, but sometimes I need a stiff drink / Sipping from a highball glass, let the world fade away / Yeah, and I don’t smoke, but sometimes I need a long drag …,” she sings in the new tune's chorus. “When the day gets long, when the work’s all done / When the sun sets, when you need to forget / Grab that cup, fill it up / Sip it slow, and let it all go.”

The country star announced "Smoke Break" as her new single in a Facebook chat on Thursday (Aug. 20), during which she also announced her upcoming record, Storyteller, which is scheduled to drop on Oct. 23.

Christina Vinson contributed to this story.

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