Carrie UnderwoodWhen Carrie Underwood arrived at fiancé Mike Fisher's place of employment Wednesday night (Mar. 24), she decided to take over Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to put on an elaborately staged performance for the Ottawa Senators forward -- who reportedly sat about 15 rows from the stage -- and 100 of his closest friends and relatives.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, ten shows into Carrie's ambitious Play On tour, most of the kinks have been ironed out so she more than likely accomplished her goal of impressing her future hubby's friends, family members, fans and teammates.

Attendance was pegged at 10,000 which included dozens of tickets the hockey pro reportedly purchased for fellow Senators and their wives and girlfriends.

"With a hydraulic center stage, flying pickup truck and space-age lighting design, it was a spectacle that was grandiose even by rock-concert standards," the Citizen's review states. "For a country show, it set a new standard, a show you'd expect from a pop diva, not a country gal-next-door. In an outfit of bow tie, tails and spike heels, the blonde singer rose from beneath the stage on an elegant chaise lounge, and opened the show with a lusty version of 'Cowboy Casanova.'"

"Hello Ottawa," she said, a bit nervously when she first greeted the crowd," the paper reports. "So, I guess I can kinda consider this hometown, kinda, right? Well, I'm certainly glad to be here tonight. We're going to have so much fun."

Asserting that Carrie's voice was "thin and reedy during 'Quitter,'" the review adds that "she then found her pitch and sang her lungs out on' I Know You Won't.' Armed with an electric guitar, she rocked it up for 'Some Hearts,' then changed costumes and pulled back on 'Just a Dream.' Her sequin-studded princess skirt caught the lights as she perched in a swing suspended from a tree branch, looking every bit a Southern belle. Declaring the next song "very special and important to me," Carrie took great care in delivering 'Temporary Home' with just the right amount of emotion. Amid the lights, staging and special effects, the stripped-back treatment stood out."

To show love and support for her man, Carrie wore her fiancé's jersey for her encore -- giving the hometown hero's crowd a chance to show their love and support for the happy couple.

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