Carrie Underwood is weighing in on the new ABC drama, "Nashville." The hit show, which is filmed in Music City, has already earned legions of fans -- including the country music superstar. "I feel like the show represents our town really well," Carrie tells Rolling Stone magazine. "I love watching the show because I'm like, 'I eat there.'"

Still, the Oklahoma native says that the TV series isn't completely true to life. "I hope they don't think all the ladies of country music are that scandalous, because I promise you we're not," she insists. "I hope people don't think it's all backstabbing and everybody sleeping with everybody else. That's really not [the case], at least to my knowledge. There might be all kinds of stuff going on that I don't know about, but not in my world. People really are pretty open and friendly and normal."

Since she spends time watching the show each week, Carrie, who acted on the big screen in "Soul Surfer," has contemplated a guest role on the series. "[It's] something really different that would be out of my comfort zone -- a really wonderful thing to put on my 'I did that' list."

Carrie may not have much time to pursue acting just yet. She's in the middle of her globe-trotting Blown Away trek, which heads to Indiana and Michigan this weekend. See a list of tour stops here.

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