"Nashville" actress Hayden Panettiere is lucky to be OK after a traffic mishap in Music City.

Panettiere was involved in a car accident Nov. 14 in Nashville, Tenn., and according to TMZ, a witness told police that the accident could've been prevented if the actress hadn't run a red light.

TMZ says via the crash report that Panettiere was driving in the right lane through an intersection when the other driver made a left turn into her lane, but a witness to the accident alleges that Panettiere ran a red light, which led to the crash.

While no one was seriously injured, both cars were towed from the accident.

According to TMZ, calls to Panettiere's publicists weren't returned.

While Panettiere didn't comment on the new report, she did seem thankful after the accident, tweeting, "Thank you to the Nashville police department. Was in a scary accident and they were great!"

Panettiere currently plays country vixen Juliette Barnes in "Nashville." She recently debuted her new music video for "Telescope." (Watch below.)