Carrie Underwood not only co-wrote 'Mama's Song' for her mother, Carole ... she cast her in the music video. Additionally, Carrie's hubby of two months, Mike Fisher, appears in the clip. "[Mike's] not 'in' it but you can tell it's him," Carrie tells People magazine. "He hung out with my mom [on set] and he's great with her."

The video was shot in August, a month after Carrie and Mike exchanged vows at their storybook, summer wedding in Atlanta. The lyrics for 'Mama's Song' poignantly reference finding a man Carrie feels is the answer to her mother's prayers. Carrie says the best part about making this video was simply sharing the day with her adored husband. "Just seeing [Mike] in my world was sweet," she says.

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'Mama's Song' was shot in downtown Nashville, and directed by Shaun Silva. Carrie is also getting ready to kick off the fall leg of her Play On tour with Sons of Sylvia on Saturday, September 25, in Portland, Ore. The tour will hit 47 cities before wrapping up on December 19 in Calgary, Alberta.