Before Carrie Underwood became a bona fide music star, she had an entirely different career path planned. The Oklahoma native graduated from college magna cum laude with a degree in mass communications, with an emphasis on journalism, which could explain why one of her biggest pet peeves involves fellow celebs who make spelling or grammatical errors.

"That drives me insane," the 29-year-old admits in an interview with Elle Canada (quote via "I can't handle it when celebrities can't spell or don't know the most basic grammar. That might be because I'm an English nerd."

While the wife of professional hockey player Mike Fisher may have scored good grades in both high school and college, she also admits she had a wild streak, which was reflected in her choice of music.

"I grew up listening to '80s glam hair metal," the songstress admits to The Boot. "Then, when I got older in the '90s, the whole grunge thing was huge and I was totally into it. I was all about Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and all of that stuff."

Carrie, who acknowledges her iPod is still filled with a wide variety of artists, will kick off her Blown Away tour in September, with Hunter Hayes serving as her opening act. See their complete list of concert dates here.

Watch a Funny Carrie Moment at the CMT Awards

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