The first track from Carrie Underwood's sophomore album is out, with the country sensation claiming writing credits on a single for the first time. It's called 'So Small' and was co-written by Underwood, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey. (Lindsey wrote two songs on Underwood's debut album -- the chart-topping 'Wasted' and 'Jesus, Take the Wheel.')

"'So Small' is a feeling song on how people invest so much of their time and energy into things that aren't really important," Underwood says. "And you don't really realize that until it's too late."

'So Small' is the first of several tracks Underwood co-wrote on her yet-to-be-titled new album, set for release Oct. 23. Its message is one she hopes will hit home with everyone, including herself.

"We're all guilty of it, as I know I am, of just letting silly things get in the way. The smallest thing can almost ruin my day, and at some point, I realize, 'Good gracious, Carrie! What are you doing?' I have a great life, and we need to remember the things that are truly important."

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