Fresh off an appearance at the 2017 Americana Music Festival, Caroline Spence is premiering a brand-new version of one of her songs exclusively with The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the acoustic version of Spence's song "Slow Dancer."

An acoustic guitar-driven track, "Slow Dancer" tells the beginning of a love story: It's a first date, and the song's protagonist is ready to keep it casual and call it any early night. But then ...

"I’m lost in the music / I’m floating around like there’s nothing to it / Found that part of my heart won’t take no for an answer," Spence sings in the chorus of "Slow Dancer." "You turned me into a slow dancer / You turned me into a slow dancer ..."

"This song, to me, is about feeling yourself falling for someone and changing because of it," Spence tells The Boot. "It's a very personal experience, and I think the acoustic version of the song simplifies it in a way that makes it even more personal."

"Slow Dancer" originally appeared on Spence's most recent album, Spades & Roses, released in March. This acoustic re-imagining of the song will be on her Secret Garden EP, a new, five-song collection of alternate versions of Spades & Roses' tracks (and a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden," which Spence almost cut for her sophomore album). The project is due out on Oct. 13 and was co-produced by Spence and Dan Knobler.

A Charlottesville, Va., native Spence is a former Kerrville Folk Festival songwriting contest winner, as well as the 2013 victor in American Songwriter's lyrics competition. Oh, and did we mention that Miranda Lambert is a fan?

Visit to learn more about Spence, her music and her upcoming tour dates. Spence's Secret Garden EP is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Listen to Caroline Spence, "Slow Dancer (Acoustic)":

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