Nashville singer-songwriter Caroline Spence will release her fourth career album, True North, on April 29. In the meantime, the album's lead single "Clean Getaway" prepares us for what's in store from Spence: nothing short of catharsis.

On the new track, Spence's soprano reigns over introspective lyrics and a soft, windows-down groove. The song — which celebrates the power of self-acceptance — doesn't shy away from looking at the mistakes we make before we're driven to start over.

Spence sings in the opening lines: "There's no way out / Got to turn myself in / You can't run and hide from Saturn returning / It's all happening now / My chickens have come home to roost / But it turns out I've been tracking mud on my boots."

While the lyrics reckon with the past, it's still a forward-facing song. Spence finds her peace by accepting the past, rather than trying to outrun it. It's a hard-won kind of peace, and Spence sings as if she's earned every moment of it on the chorus:

"But I thought I made a clean thought I made a clean getaway / Thought that T could be thought that I could be someone else someday / Thought I made a clean thought I made a clean getaway / But you don't get to get away from this."

Through her engaging vocals, Spence creates a distinct sense of intimacy for her listeners. Yet, as personal as the song is, it's also extremely universal. When she sings the line "Most days it's hard to be yourself / But it's impossible to be anybody else," she taps into a vulnerability that most all of us have felt.

Spence will hit the road later this month in support of True North, with dates scheduled in Philadelphia, New York City, Washington D.C., Nashville, Austin and many more cities across the U.S. before heading overseas in June. You can find a full list of her upcoming tour dates via Spence's official website.

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