Carly Pearce may be a busy touring artist today, but she got her start as a songwriter, and songwriting is still a big part of her musical identity and appreciation for the country genre.

"We can't do what what we do without songwriters," Pearce explained to The Boot and other outlets at the 2019 ASCAP Country Music Awards in November. "The way the we get to the radio is by great songs. The way we build careers is by great songs," the singer continues, adding that the people in her songwriting community have been some of her strongest supporters ever since the outset of her career.

"So for all of it to come full circle, and now to be an artist and a songwriter that's had success and will hopefully continue to have success, it's just fun to be able to make it about what it's actually about, you know?" she adds. "Which is about the songs."

When asked what her advice is for aspiring songwriters, Pearce says that it's important to not put too much pressure on every song being a success. "For every great song, you probably write 500 really bad songs. And just, to not be discouraged by that," she explains.

"That's why there's only 10 to 13, 14 songs on a record per two to three years," Pearce points out. "So, just keep at it, write what you know and be as artistically defined as you can."

Pearce will showcase her songwriting chops on her self-titled sophomore album, which is due out on Feb. 14. The singer says the new project will reflect the evolution she has undergone over the last few years, becoming more confident in herself as a woman and as an artist.

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