With Carly Pearce and Michael Ray's wedding date fast approaching, the two country stars have finally nailed down all the details of the big event. In fact, Pearce recently told The Boot and other outlets, she and Ray just put the finishing touches on their vows and are headed into the final countdown leading up to the day itself.

In addition to the logistical difficulties of juggling two busy touring schedules, planning a wedding has come with one other complication: the element of fan interest and the importance of keeping their wedding's exact date and location private. However, Pearce points out, she and her husband-to-be have been dealing with the challenges of a public relationship since the beginning.

"I think when we started dating, we knew this was an odd situation," she explains with a shrug. "A lot of my good girlfriends have done it as well, like Kelsea [Ballerini] and Maren [Morris]. I talked to them prior, and they were just like, 'You have to accept what you're getting into.'"

Since their earliest days as a couple, Pearce and Ray have worked together to figure out a balance between privacy and sharing their lives with their fans. "We wanted to invite people into our relationship and into our homes," she goes on to say. "We've tried to keep the wedding private, but it's a celebration. We really are so in love, and we're thankful that we get the opportunity to have people who care about our wedding, so we're taking it as it is."

For Pearce, any overzealous level of fan interest is a small price to pay for having such a dedicated community of supporters. "I don't think anybody'll camp out, but if they do, you know, I'll give 'em some wine," she jokes. "It's fine."

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